In order to use your FREEDOMAIN.TK you need to have an existing web page, website or homepage somewhere on the Internet. Your web page needs to be up and running, providing content and reachable by the rest of the world in order for your Dot TK address to refer to it. The website address can be as long as 63 characters. Every Internet user who surfs to your Dot TK address will automatically be directed to the website address you have registered. You can change your website address any time to redirect your users to a different website or web page.

This type of domain name is especially practical for those with smaller websites that are hosted with free web space providers or online communities. These usually have long and complicated web addresses, and Dot TK can make it a little easier for you and your homepage visitors.

The FREEDOMAIN.TK includes email forwarding. You can register up to five existing email addresses to which your unique Dot TK address will be forwarded. That means that you can register your current email and link it to your Dot TK address. When your friends and family send you an email to (you should of course imagine your own Dot TK address here) we will forward this email to you. Especially practical when you have a lot of email addresses or when your current email addresses aren't that easy to remember.

Next to that, our free domain names includes a service where you can view your traffic with the latest statistics on the Dot TK website. The number of hits, the number of unique hosts, country statistics and much more is available at no charge with the Dot TK Traffic-Check TM.

There are two important notes on all free domain names:

You can register up to three free domain names.
Domain names that are not used in a 90-day period by at least 30 homepage visitors will be cancelled and made available to other registrants. Therefore, the legal ownership and transfer rights of your Dot TK domain name will remain with Dot TK.
I found it really easy to set up and is alot cheaper than buying a .com etc domain name


and no I don't work for them or anything I just found this in a post (soz I have looked and looked but I can't find which one ) and thought it mght be of intrest to peps in this forum