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    PHP, ASP, CGI are server side scripting. It's line of code that execute on the server to generate HTML Code customize for you.

    To answer your first question, you should learn HTML all the way. No with FrontPage or any program, you HAVE to know HTML and be able to create and edit HTML with Notepad. Also, check about XHTML. XHTML is a merge of XML and HTML to create a new standard for Internet. Check http://www.yahoo.com or http://www.Google.com for more informations about XHTML.

    This is the first key, you have to know XHTML (HTML). Alot of people will tell you about how much the image on a website are importants and I agree but they are realy hard to do and the program are not cheap so I suggest you drop that to concentrate on XHTML because web design compagnie usually have specialist to make images.

    Also, I realy suggest that AFTER you know HTML all the way, you learn PHP. That all!
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    you should also start reading upon art and graphic design.... the basic principles of design are important in a website. many of them lack style because the creater doesn't know design. it's not necessary, but it is great to know and makes the sites that much better
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    definately learn xhtml editing using notepad that will solve a lot of headaches before they even start. a lot of other editors arent xhtml compliant anyway.learning php asp cgi etc. is almost mandatory now if you want to stay on top.flash and dreamweaver are kinda nice but load times for slower than cable connections just suck. id pick up paint shop pro if your looking for graphics design. you can use plugins such as eyecandy 4000 bryce5(very sweet), and xenofex. i havent tried photo shop but i hear it is nice as well and these plugins also work on it. you can get psp at www.jasc.com . also visit www.procreate.com. you can also use javascripts on your site, such as no right click or removing the toolbar that show when you move your cursor over an image. www.dynamicdrive.com has loads of free javascripts.

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