For all you dba types out there, here a break from the usual linux threads.

Our dba just got let go. so, I'm back at it after a four year hiatus.

Unfortunately it is Msoft related but oh well.

On sql7 a hotfix was just put out and another member posted it for all. (p2p or zigar, I'll get the original thread after this). Make sure you have sp3 for sql installed. Sp3 is 76.7 mb and unwraps itself for you after downloading. It takes a while to apply.

Be sure to back your msdb, master and other msdbxx databases. I would grab the *.ldb's and *.mdb's just in case. Run your Ent mgr and move to dbs, check your autogrow function is selected. Shutdown your services and apply, reboot. It will ask you if nt or sql security is used, so if you changed your passwords for the services accounts, be sure to edit them now.

Now bear in mind if you are clustering, there are additional steps.

Pop the s71021i hotfix. Back up your sqlservr. dbg, pdb, exe and sqlsort.dll (if you have one) and lastly, xpstar.dll. Then copy the new files from your s71021i extract into your mssql70/binn dir and restart your services.

Note of caution if it gets ugly you will likely have to rebuild sql!