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Thread: A new twist!

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    Though RA's question was not directed at me...they are good questions
    On my two work computers, I run RedHat 7.2. I play with one of them and have the 2.5.3 kernel, >> I get interesting errors sometimes <<
    At home, my server runs Debian 'woody' release, and my home desktop has a dual debian/win98 boot......I know, I don't like the win98 either, it's there for convenience.
    I prefer KDE, though I have gotten very comfortable with fvwm2...which I use on my home server (it doesn't have the resources to run a desktop).

    I agree with RA though, if you want to use dos might just as well use windows 9x.....seing as it's fully backwards compatible with 16 bit apps. if you are using an older computer, you can still run linux. I mean hell, my server box is a pentium 90, with 128 MB RAM...and the crappiest other hardware that doesn't matter. But It runs kernel perfectly...and so will all the other older computers
    SlackWare my first, Debian my second....building my box into the ultimate weapon

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    SuSE for my personal and multimedia purposes, OS9 and X as well, and OpenBSD to guard my network.

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    A young guy steps up in a dark cloak pondering the many OS that have gone before, he takes a deep breath and says...Windo...no wait you crazy!


    Cant partition, need to see what all the fuss is about! Have ME then go here, QNX is a nice little OS that I like to plug from time to time because I learned a nice bit from it!#

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