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Thread: Article: Cyber Crime Gathers Strength

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    Article: Cyber Crime Gathers Strength

    Australian companies are on notice - it's just a matter of time before they face attacks from cyber terrorists that could cause millions of dollars in losses. Read it here.
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    In that article it says there was a U.S. organized crime group hacked into a hospital and gave an overdose of drugs to a patient. Where and when did this happen? Anybody in the U.S. hear about this one? When was I sleeping?
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    I never heard about it........it sounds an awful lot like an urban legend to me. Besides which, as far as I know, medical drug-administering machines (Sorry, I don't know the technical term for them) are not network controlled. Given, they could perhaps alter the records of what drugs are supposed to be given to who, but that could have been chalked up to carelessness by the attending doctor or nurse. Before I believe a word of that article, I want to know what their sources were about that particular part of the story......it sounds rather suspicious to me.
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    thanks smirc
    i'm writing an indepth article about this for one of my classes
    it's insane that the majority of the public has no idea what could happen

    here are a few more links for those who are interested:

    Cyber warfare and telecomunications espionage

    Cyber warfare prevention

    Information warfare database


    list goes on...i have about 200 informative links

    Happy reading

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    Didn't the hospital had a hard copy from the doctor's log book on how much dosage they should give?? coz thats where the electronic copy is usually based on.. tsk tsk..

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    I have a friend who works at a local hospital and they never use the data from their computers to determine a patients dosage. The hard copy is kept on the patients door at all times to prevent silly things like that happening. Does anyone know what city that happened in?

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    yes i am curious of this as well fo i have not heard this before
    and im sure if it happened it would have made headlines.

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    Sounds like there just trying to pass the blame for there screw up to me. Lest blame hackers because there in the news right now. (thats what they wherre thinking). I want to see the artical on this one too so if you find it let me know.

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