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    hmmm.. i think that picture looks like the "new and improved all-around vaccination implant" my doctor just implanted on the back of my neck few months ago... wow... what a kuwinky dink...

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    But really, how much monitoring could *they* possibly be doing with an itsy-bitsy chip like that. I doubt youd even pick it up unless pressing the scanner against the thing but this is just my ignorance speaking.


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    I read some where that some ppl where making a Chip that could bond to DNA and analyze it, exselent security, and also very handy for Healt checks and stuff like that......

    I'll post it if I find it....

    - Noia
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    LoJack for the body. Hmmmm. Interesting. I could definitely see the benefits of putting these things in kids. But then that would probably give their ID10T parents a false sense of security and they would completely stop watching their kids....if they watch them at all now. Anyway, I vote to NOT have these. bad idea. stupid companies.
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    I remember an idea about using barcodes and this chip idea is also a very old one that never realy got thrue..

    I think this is one of the worst things that can ever happen to privacy and anonimity..
    It could make internet identification a lot easier... But I'd never chance it..

    They'll have to put that chip my dead corpse...
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    I hear you guys but maybe this could backfire and actually turn out to be a good thing?
    - Would you mind explaning to me how? I fail to realize the 'good' side of this technology.

    I don't really know if you can fit a battery into something that small
    - Nanotechnology. Technology that we know very little about other than it's microscopic.

    This is just a creation of peoples paranioa.
    - Ok, I'm a bit parinoind.. but it's still a very real thread and it's coming. It's not going to be long before it happens. I hate to bring up religion into this thread, but have you ever heard of the mark of the beast? The bible says in the final times that people will have to be 'marked' to have the ability to live in ordinary day-to-day life. What do you think this chip is?

    It doesn't even suggest that the FDA is seeking to approve this.
    - If you read the friggin' article you'll see that you're wrong. That's all they're waiting for.. the approval from the FDA.

    Scared to death,

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    processing everyone through databases everday, keeping tabs on where they are, and in turn what there doing, doesent matter if its for "health reasons", its STILL a way of monitering us.

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    Exclamation Clarification for the Paranoid

    Ok, just a short tutorial:

    Contrary to some of the posts to this thread, there are no batteries, magnets, moving parts, or black magic involved.

    If you have traveled on toll roads recently, you may have noticed something called EZ-Tag, or FastPass. This is a tag the size of a PCMCIA card that goes inside of your car on the windshield. As you pass through the toll gate, the reader sends out an RF pulse to the tag that excites the internal circuitry into emitting a reply pulse. This is picked up by the reader, which is usually mounted above the lane, or to one side. The reader decodes the reply, and matches it against a central database. The response is to either green light you through, or yellow to let you know there is a problem with your account.

    The range for this size of device is only 75 to 100 feet, so with an antenna only a few MM long, the implant could only be interrogated from 5 to 10 feet away. So, no global tracking is possible, you almost would have to be right next to the reader device to be scanned.

    I think the old adage still holds true: If you build it, they will abuse it. The Govt. knows far too much already about all of us.

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    Jimbo2112 - these tags are some of the products the company I am with currently builds. The idea is for mini readers installed in all public buildings, access ways, automobiles etc. Not wanting to sound Orwellian but the plans for this are already being honed. We will have this ready to go sooner than you think.

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