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    *Agrees with Anthony* XChat's good. That, and it can run scripts, also, if you want it to. I personally like the fact that you can bring up a shell in Xchat; it saves me a lot of time when I'm looking up something.
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    bitchX is my choice but if u feel like exploring check out
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    I like using pirch98. you can get it at

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    if you are a newbie like me and would like to get used to the commands and scripts, i would suggest you go with mirc ( )

    it has well written help files with all the commands listed.

    hope this helps.

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    /me agrees with Blackh0le
    IMHO mIRC is prolly the best for a newbie as their is soooooo much info on it out there - def makes things easier


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    i also agree w/blackh0le. if you don't know what your doing, graphic interfaces help.

    use good firewall software/hardware and get irc virus protection in addition to whatever else your running. bitdefender has a version made for mIRC, and its free!
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