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Thread: not new but old

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    wow...i didn't know that knowing telnet could qualify someone as a non-lamer

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    come on...aol is the ultimate hax0r's background!!

    Alright, I'll give...I won't bash you because I find it's a valid question. However, I'm impressed that you labeled yourself as a hacker and don't know the ins and outs of getting to know people. To find people in a school...come on, just go visit the computer science dept. I'm sure there are people there who can crack the pentagon...but let's not get into that, the only reason I'm addressing the question is because you said you wouln't be doing the dummer shyte. But anyway, that's how you can find PEOPLE...then I suggest you get on irc, and make some online friends, you'll notice they are usually much much more resourcefull
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