Queried the thread database but couldn't find anything on this. I have used PGP for some time, most recently PGP 7.0.3, and I have used the THAWTE signature (free version) and together they do a great job on email and PGP does a good job of securing whatever else I want. Recently, my wife's desktop got so messed up that I changed it from W98se to W2000Pro, a larger D: for all the programs and such, and finally got everything working again. I picked up McAfee PGP today, thinking it would be a lot easier than reconfiguring everything PGP/THAWTE on my wife's machine. It does claim several features that I haven't programmed PGP-7.0.3 for, so figured it might be a good way to get out of some work. Tonight I went to the threads and found several people having problems with *other* McAfee products (not PGP though) and so am a bit reluctant to load McAfee PGP onto wife's desktop until I read the manual and see what other people have experienced. So far, I haven't found where they say what version of PGP they're using, but it has to be 7.0.3 or higher. I know that Zimmerman went to fulltime consulting about the time 7.0.3 was finished, and there won't be any more updates on that one. Maybe I should just stick with the 7.0.3 and THAWTE sigs, and forget about this commercial version. Has anyone had any experience with "McAfee PGP Personal Security" loading or configuration problems? Not interested in McAfee corporate help or lack of, ...just if the fetched booger out of the box has ruptured anyone's W2000Pro or other OS's??? I'm not interested in spending another weekend reloading programs so figured maybe a question here couldn't hurt.