ok this is wierd.. i got this in my pm msg...

I have requested that you contact me about an AntiPoints Assignment that you made to this post of mine . This request was made through the AntiOnline AntiPoints System. Right now, I do not know who you are. If you reply to this PM, I will know your username, and as a result, will know that you were the one that gave me this AntiPoints Assignment. If this does not bother you, please feel free to reply. Otherwise, you are under no obligation to answer this request. Below is information about the AntiPoints Assignment that you made:

You Assigned This Post: negative
The Reason You Gave: nice one

Here is a link to the post in question.

- This has been an automated PM from the AntiOnline AntiPoints System.
Now, why would i request an antipoint assigmnet to myself and give myself negative antipoint??? i mean.. can that be possible??

its really confusing..