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    hmmmm sounds tres dodgy to me
    you have permission to fix it but you can't get on? how do they expect you to fix it without giving you access - ESP!?!?!?


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    It does sound a little dodgy. ravenRX7, is this supposed to be for work? The best thing for you to do in this situation is to coordinate with the administrator of the remote network.
    - Maverick

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    if it's a software issue, and you have permission...why not just go to the computer and fix it??? since this is the ABSOLUTE logical way about doing things, and it didn't seem to cross your mind, I don't know about your motives anymore....
    I mean if that's what you wanted to know, why not ask....why ask dumb questions like
    Does anybody have anything i can view and learn from?
    routers and swtiches configurations and everything and anything -- see what im saying
    none of these questions have ANYTHING to do with what you are trying to do...that is why it seems fishy, that and you titled your thread 'personal website', come on....give me a break
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    This is a site where all the tutorials post at AntiOnline are keep. If you're looking for more informationhttp://www.google.com is the key!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Originally posted here by ravenRX7
    I have a server at home but its not a static IP right now so whats the point right? -- anyways and help will be appreciated
    Http://www.DynDNS.org/ is a free provider of dynamic and static DNS services, as well as WebHop web redirection services. It gives you a new name - yourname.dyndns.org, for example, or you can choose from several other domains.
    (This was straight from the meta-tags of the page and description of it in Google Directory but I know this works since one of my friends uses this successfully.) Have fun!

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