Well...I guess it is not really a problem, but something that would make my life a whoe lot easier if I had a solution.

we are currently in the process of building new internet pop and we have 3 VRRP pairs of Nokia IP650's in the current setup, we have alot of static routes that need to be added for the NAT's. I am currently adding the routes through voyager, but I was trying to figure out a way to copy a conf file from one firewall to the other in the pair to copy all the routes from one box to the other. This would make my life so much easier, because adding this many routes through voyager is a nightmare and takes forever.

This should not be anything very difficult, and i am sure I can figure it out on my own once I have the time, but if anyone has a solution for me, I would love to hear it. I basically need to know first where the conf file or init script is located, and secondly, if this is a bad idea since many conf files in IPSO are generated automatically and specifically say "do not edit this file"

Thanks in advance for the help