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Thread: Abbr: history of the computer virus

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    Hmmmm, nothing like a bit of nostalgia?

    Somewhere I still have a 5.25" floppy from Norton, that claims to detect all 720 known viruses

    I remember the days when viruses mostly spread via the boot sector of floppies. There was a kind of competition amongst the authors as to who could write the smallest virus.............harmless, as you didn't have room for a payload!

    Back then there was no internet, no e-mail and the only things usually attached to a network were 5250 dumb terminals (greenscreens).

    Melissa?...........David L. Smith.............. I downloaded his Poppy, Office 97 macro virus generation toolkit...........I took a look at the metadata and saw that he had used a copy of office 97 registered in his own name!

    Lovebug............I was lucky there...........I added a little regedit to their logons about 6 weeks before, so it only opened in notepad
    I guess things have moved on a pace in the past few years? you hardly ever hear of an honest to goodness virus these days?

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    Personally I miss those days of virii running rampant. You just don't have that anymore. It added excitement lol. "I wonder if this exe file is a screen saver like it says it is, or something that will be like me paying a hooker on 7 mile Detroit to do something and my member will end up looking like the "other" floppy drive afterwards"... Ah well.

    Today it's all about the mal ware it seems. Virus writers just don't try anymore. It USED to be actual skill required, and shown, by making a virus that had more features than DOS, that was half the SIZE of Dos, and crashed a lot less.

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    Thank you so much for your kindness! It has shaped my life and contributed to my success more than anything else in college.

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