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Thread: How'd it get into the password recovery?

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    How'd it get into the password recovery?

    I don't know how this happened, but I think it may have been a one time thing... I was trying to login through the main site. I typed in my username and password, pressed return,, and it went to an error page (The one IE displays in difficulty) saying it couldn't find the server. After a while, I pressed the refresh button on my browser (IE 6) and then the password recovery page or something showed up... It asked for my email address to send the new password to... Being unsure, I didn't fill it out, and I went back to the main site, and tried to login again... This time it worked correctly... I don't know what caused the problem with the first login, but I just though that I'd let you know about the strange thing that happened... I don't think it will ever occur again though...


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    Gremlins, I tell you, there everywhere's.

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    or poltergiests....

    ask rioter about them.. he's got lots of them...
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    Well, I spent some time today going over logs, and I don't see anything on our end that could have caused the problems that you described. Also, we haven't gotten any other reports of similar problems, so I'm going to attribute this to a problem on your end.

    thanks for the bug report! thread closed.

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