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    Question Telnet

    Hey y'all,
    I'm interested in the telnet capability. Here's a question: if I want to telnet to other than port 23 on another computer, what do I need to put on the Dos command line? Example-- Let's say I want to telnet to Ip (just made that up) on port 3567, how do I phrase the dos command line? Thanks.
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    All you'd have to do is this:

    telnet 3567

    And then, your default telnet will open up (I suggest SecureCRT for windows) and off you go. The only thing to watch for is the firewall as telnet will have to be allowed out of it.
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    just add a [space] (linux) if that doesn't work try a [:]
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    Actually, what ever port you are telnet'ing to has to be opened on the firewall.

    For example:

    telnet 25

    port 25 must be opened outbound on your FW, and must be open inbound on the remote firewall.

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