Got this and what a bear to configure.

Put it on a win98, other than five reboots it seems ok. Once I put it on my w2k unit - whole lotta shakin going on. Shaking my fist at the screen that is. It takes forever to come up now and runs like a pos whenever I load it. Since it is for eval - no biggie other than the money to buy it.

Found that -
you must uncheck the auto updaters.

The settings on allow or filter don't stay.

It usually ties up the dial connections.

It fights with the other firewalls.

Despite granting allow to updaters like nav and others it'll choke the stream to the point where the updater fails.

The av part is slooooow, otherwise it does seem like a good av.

So far it has not been worth the money, at least on a w2k pro with ms security running.