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    Thank you for taking the time to read this,

    Okay i can get IP addresses and find open ports. How do i get on those ports and what can i do.

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    OK, when you are on the port you can telnet to it, when you telnet to a port you usually get a header message 'httpD v1.2.3.4' When you connect to a port depending on what you want to do you type in commands, im not being specific here because im not surer if this is gonna be used in illegal purposes, if you need more help, send me a PM

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    Re: ports

    Originally posted here by bearbizket
    Thank you for taking the time to read this,

    Okay i can get IP addresses and find open ports. How do i get on those ports and what can i do.
    It all depends on what services are running on that port, for example, a port 110 normally runs a Pop3 program which with password and username allows you to view mail.

    However i strongly advise you to make sure you have the permission of whoever runs the computer first (its only polite)!
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    Some PORTS!

    A "little" list of ports and what they are used for....
    TCP 19 Character Generator
    TCP 20 File Transfer [Default Data]
    TCP 21 File Transfer [Control]
    TCP 22 SSH Remote Login Protocol
    TCP 23 Telnet
    TCP 24 any private mail system
    TCP 25 Simple Mail Transfer
    TCP 80 World Wide Web HTTP
    TCP 81 HOSTS2 Name Server
    TCP 82 XFER Utility
    TCP 83 MIT ML Device
    TCP 84 Common Trace Facility
    TCP 135 DCE endpoint resolution
    TCP 136 PROFILE Naming System
    TCP 137 NETBIOS Name Service
    TCP 138 NETBIOS Datagram Service
    TCP 139 NETBIOS Session Service
    TCP 441 decvms-sysmgt
    TCP 443 HTTP protocol over TLS/SSL
    TCP 444 Simple Network Paging Protocol
    TCP 445 Microsoft-DS
    TCP 1025 network blackjack
    TCP 1214 KAZAA (Morpheus)
    TCP 1243 SubSeven (Windows Trojan)
    TCP 1245 Subseven backdoor remote access tool
    These are some that are open that you probably see!!

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    kurupt007 you rule thanks

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    Here is a complete list of standard and non-standard ports. It lists comon ran services(daemons) and the ports generally asociated to them.....

    Hope this helps.
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    Just adding upon to Kurupt007's post,
    Here is a COMPLETE list of all ports and their id's and or names.
    This covers from 1 to 65535.
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    Smile Thanks GUys

    Your replies are greatly appreciated.

    Question? Ports are auto-strapped to programs that may or may not be on the computer?
    Do I have to have that program to access that port? For example port 23 is telnet, But it's not open. Can telnet to port 22? And what commands are use in telneting?

    I have another small promlem.
    When i try to download the text files off this post it gives me this message.

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    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.
    But I am logged in as bearbizket.

    -Thanks for taking the time to read this,

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