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    Is Someone Spying On You?

    I haven't seen anything about spyware on the site, so I thought I would post this. Do you know what spyware is? I got this from an article in Smart Computing Magazine . The article was called, "I Know Where You Surfed Last Summer" (January 2002, p.42-44). "Spyware is a software component installed on your PC that gathers information about you (generally pertaining to your ownline activities) and transfers that information from your PC to advertisers or other companies/individuals without your knowledge or permission. The spyware component itself is often incoporated into otherwise benign software, such as game demos, MP3 players, and the like. The exact information a spyware program obtains may be something as simple as listing the MP3 selections you store on your PC or recent Web sites that you've visited. In extremely malicious cases, it may transfer password files or other sensitive information." Some well known examples of spyware are: Gator/Kazaa/Download Accelerator/Go!Zilla What can you do to protect yourself from spying? There are some programs that can help. Ad-Aware is a freeware program that can detect and remove many kinds of spyware. Check out their site at www.lavasoft.de SpyBlocker is another freeware program that can help. It blocks spyware elements from "calling home" to the spyware companies. Just put SpyBlocker in a search engine, and you will find their site. Also Camtech has a free download called Spychecker. It's basically a list of freeware that contains spyware. Just put "Spychecker" in a search engine. You should find it. You can check out a program before you put it on your box. You might want to install Ad-Aware and use it to check out everything you install. HTH. Forewarned is forearmed.
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    to add to this post I would like to say that it is wise to fequently check for spyware because it can self install itself just by checking a site. It happens to me all the time f-in gator always pops it head in atleast once a month. So scan your system atleast once a month. thats all.

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    There is a very comprehensive list of all known spyware floating around this site somewhere. If I find the thread I'll post a link to it...

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    looks likea decent program, only I had to run it about 6 times before it finally detected everything
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    hmm tip.. if you have a firwall, this would help a bit.. if your firewall tries to tell you something like "Onflow.exe wants to connect to the internet" BLOCK it.. thats a spy ware..
    so if something tries to connect to the internet and you dont know what the heck it is.. deny its access to the net.. Spywares are useless if they cant connect to the internet..

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    Yes somone is spying on me, I already proved this but the cops say they don't know what I'm talking about.

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    I made a post a while back about spyware, and the whole list of known spyware, you can find that post here. Hope this helps everyone

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    what i have done is i ran the ad-aware and then go to were the cookies are shown. All the cookies that are in red are spyware cookies. So i open up internet options [IE 6] and then go to privacy and advanced. put all the cookies webadresses [ie doubleclick.net] and set them to block.so now i cant get cookies from them. Then i went on the web to see if i could find more and i did so i put them there to. I keep on going and opening ad-aware and if i find any servers i ad them to the list.. Also just to be on the safe side I added all the web addreses to the Restricted Sites in the security tab as well as any pop ups that ever come up on my screen i add them there as well.. Now everytime i get a popup add it is just an empty IE screen and i close it out and no more ads in morpheus..well at least when morpheus was working
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