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    Exclamation About Morpheus

    There is a story on www.musiccity.com here is some of the main parts but I would suggest visiting the wed site to get all the lastest plus the new morpheus upgrade. " This week MusicCity and Morpheus users suffered daul attacks. First early this week MusicCity`s servers were hit by a massive DOS attack. Soon after Morpheus users found that a separate attack had been launched on their computers and their Morpheus software programs. It appears that the attacks included an encrypted message being repeatedly sent directly to your computers that changed the registry settings in your computers. Later it appears our ad servers were attacked resulting in messages being sent to other sites without our knowledge.
    We believe some of these attacks continue as Morpheus users attempt to connect to the old Morpheus User Network. This is why it is important to quickly deploy our new software."This is only part of the story to read the rest of what Steve Griffin/StreamCast/Morpheus CEO writes on this, visit their web site. The new software is different to use but with a little time my 15 year old was back downloading her tunes. As for the massive attacks on home computers ya it happened to me and what a pain in the @$$ there was not damage done but I did have over 500 hits in a couple of hours after trying to use the old system. Before I downloaded the new software today my kid turned on the old and I have had over 365 hits in about 3 hours. I
    turned off the old software on my Zonealarm and the hits stopped. At the same time that we were downloading some tunes on the new software so it does seem to stop the attack. I figured that there were many who will try over the weekend to use their Morpheus so now you will know why its not working. Hope this helps.

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    Nice info.
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    hmm, today, i tried to get into morpheus, but it said i needed to update. i got the new preview edition. in a way, it has some better features, but when i comes to connecting to other users, it kinda becomes a pain. i kept tryin to download things, but they all failed! anyway, it is good that something was done about it!
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