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Thread: AOL chat logs?

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    The program I use deletes log files after so many days depending on the settings you choose.

    This runs silently in the background and yes, it hides from ctrl/alt/del (processes)

    What it can't hide from is a reformat obviously.

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    Heh, heh. Little did she know, her mom could...She was busted.
    heh ouch >_<; when will kids learn that parents know everything


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    Go to your hard drive find your AOL file look for organize file then your or any
    Screename then the .ARL file read it with notepad it will show where you have
    Been. But power tools a popular program has IM and chat log's.

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    here are the issues i think you are missing here. first of all in a missing persons case, police are usually involved, and aol logs all im convos.

    but beyond this... many times in cases like this... the news reports "instant message"convos when they mean email. i know a kid that got busted for something and they confiscated his puter. news reported that a judge read his "instant messages".... but it was his emails.

    finally, the other issue we forget is that this is a young immature girl... many times young immature people save their im's. so you never know.

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    In the same area organize there is a file where you can also read your email if you have your filing cabinet open.

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