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Thread: msn chat rooms

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    msn chat rooms

    ok i need your help.............i talk to my friends on a msn chat room...........we have people that come in all the time.........i boot and ban them.........but they have a anti-ban or something...........and they come right back, and start trouble........ok so how do i get a ip addy from these people and then how do i get rid of them for good...........please help........

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    soz have never used msn chat but this is what it has to say about banning under the help section

    If a member has been especially disruptive in your chat room, you can ban them for a set period of time.

    Make sure you are in your chat room.
    In the member list, right-click the nickname of the member you want to ban.
    Click Kick, and then click Custom Kick/Ban.
    Type the reason for banning the person, click Ban for, and then choose an amount of time on the drop-down list.
    Click OK.
    The member will be automatically disconnected from the chat room, and a message will appear in the conversation pane noting who was banned, why, and for how long.
    check out the help section for yourself its on the main chat room page


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