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    Question Presentation

    A friend of mine at uni has been asked to do a presentation on Where is IT is going in 2002 which I think is an intresting if rather broad question......

    Anyone here got any input?


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    Something on VRML. I know it's kind of old now, but I think it's cool.

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    You can have them include SANs and NASs as these will become more mainstream in IT shops in 2002-2005.

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    Well all i can say is ITS BOOMING...
    IT is a life long career.. it will go on even after you are dead.. its everywhere.. its big.. its wide.
    Almost everything now are by-products of computers and Information Technology.
    We push the barriers.. make the impossible possible..
    Information Technology is the future.. and it is here

    Businesses cant run w/o Information based technology. One major example of IT achievement is the Stock Exchange Market.. Govt security.. Or how about something more obvious like the INTERNET..

    Business transactions are made through the internet.. People have fun over the internet.. Internet is wide and big.. a major marvel of IT..

    2002 is very promissing so far, since Technology these days change so fast.. so rapid.
    IT is very powerful that it could even be used in wars (Information Warfare)

    Now, organized crimes use bombs and firearms.. coz thats what they grew up with.. WHen the next generation of organized crime leaders come.. IT will be their powerful weapon.. (very extreme but its inevitable)

    IT will drive us to the future.. faster than anyone could imagine..

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