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    Question Run a service on boot in linux

    How can I run a service or program on boot in my linux (RH 7.2)?

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    There should be a file named inetd.conf, if I remember correctly this is where you set up background/startup proggies.
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    For redhat, you need to make sure the /etc/init.d program is created. All of the files in this directory are start/stop/start_msg/stop_msg/status programs and all have the same format. Make sure your program runs from there (make something and then run 'program start' and 'program stop'. Then go to /etc/rc2.d and rc3.d and make the symbolic links. The S* programs are started in order and the K* programs run the 'stop' argument upon shutdown, reboot, or changing init run levels. the rc2/rc3.d means that it would run/kill in run levels 2 and 3, with 3 being multiuser and all services are running. This should help you...
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