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    might wanna try and re-read the stuff you type....cuz, damn!

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    seems that that person need a life eh?

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    You know, I actually have to agree with lkennedy.guru on this one. If people would stop wasting time to flame, this thread would stop being on the first page. I have seen posts a LOt worse then this, where a lot of people say it is great, just because of who posts it. I think everyone tries to kiss the a55 of people with lots of green antipoints, and flame people with only a few. If RemoteAccess posted "Don't open exe attachments because they might be a virus" people would all say good post, way to help out the newbies. There are people that ask stupid questions about Sub-7 that don't get flamed this much. If you got a problem with the post, just give him negative antipoints and drop it. Don't keep flaming which just keeps the post on the first page. I agree that the post was useless, but all the flames are even worse.

    You know, I am probably gonna get a shitload of negative antipoints for this post, and I really don't care. So go ahead and post the negatives if that is what you feel necessarry, just don't waste everyones time with a bunch of garbage.
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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    Hi... I'm the mean guy who set this all up with a friend (saw this thread in my apache logs) now what you should all be aware of, is that I do not steal any password, and that anyone who gets "caught" by my script tried to steal someone's password, they are, therefore, lamers. Now, someone was asking if there were people trying it...well look at this:
    [gepeto@aliencow gepeto]$ cat /var/log/httpd/access_log | grep sendpass.exe -c

    As for the people claiming the little 2002 link was social engineering, it is more of a test to see if spambots would gather the email address on the page linked by it (that's why I made a small link that nobody sees).

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