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    Exclamation The Implications of New 64-bit Systems

    As some of you might know we will soon be seeing the arrival of 64 bit CPU's. Obviously, this will have a dramtic impact on desktop computer sales. A friend of mine recent went to a lecture by Ray Shaw who is very well known in the Australian computer industry. What he told me about the lecture was quite interesting.

    In the lecture, Ray Shaw stated that upon the arrival of the new wave of 64 bit machines, the software industry will make a move to these systems, and (here's the killer), they will no longer be supporting 32-bit applications. All new software is to be compliant with new 64 bit hardware. This is similar to what happened when Pentiums were first released and people started trying to upgrade from 486's to Pentiums. People had to buy a new system and new software to go with it. This means that buying a new PC in the next couple of years is not a very wise investment.

    This is worth discussing don't you think?

    Read more about the arrival of 64bit CPUs here .
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    yes but their not new for all those ppl with sparcs hehe but yes thats what i thought when i first read about them means pc prices will rise again and ppl will be forced to buy them because their favorite software is no longer support in 32 bit
    its just another market for microsoft to monipilies the smart move would make it backwards compatible if they can do it with consolses eg the ps2 why not computers?
    just a thought

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    They can. And I believe AMD in the midst of making a 64/32 processor that doesn't have all the pitfalls of a WINTEL marriage.
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