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    You don't really need that Playboy wallpaper.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    i dont know about this, but have you tried right clicking on a picture and pick "save as background" coz see, in da work place i worked in, users didnt have access to the desktop control panel BUT for some miracle the "Save As Background" manages to get through.. odd? haha yeah.. and to think that was Windows 2000 Professional..

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    Every one I greatly appreciate all the replies, Wether they helped or not.
    -rcgreen a got a laugh out of that. Thanks.
    -sOnIc Thanks I will try that out.
    -Garathjax I will look and i will pm you if i cant find it, Thanks man
    -Every one I didn't address personally, thanks for the input. My belief is that my admins dont really know how to grant access for specific funtions. Its all or nothing. They live very reclusive lives and are very seldom seen.

    Thanks Everyone,

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    It's also entirely possible that your administrators have gotten tired of users who want to change their resolution settings to play Quake, and set them too high for their monitors. Then of course there are the users that would install their own screensavers to either a streaming news video website that would kill network bandwidth, or on the other end, would install screen saver viruses. Or those that change their appearance to something totally unreadable, and whine when they can't remember what they did, wasting the admin's time. *chuckles* On the other hand, it is job security for them.


    Read them.

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