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    HOWTOs for Linux newbies.

    I found a nice link to some HOWTOs in Linux Today Newsletter and I would like to recomend them as good reading for beginners and newbies to Linux.

    You can find the HOWTOs at http://www.linuxorbit.com.

    • Listed HOWTOs on their site:
    • Backing up to CDs Made Simple: Version 1.1
    • IP Tables HOWTO: Version 1.1
    • 17 Easy Steps to Samba: Version 1.0
    • Building a SuSE Linux 7.3 PC from Scratch: Version 1.0
    • The Unix Rosetta Stone
    • Troubleshooting Sound Cards under GNU/Linux: Version 1.0
    • Introduction to BASH shell scripting: Version 1.2
    • Compiling Software Tutorial: Version 2.01
    • Configuring the BASH shell: Version 1.0
    • Booting into GUI: Version 1.0
    • Creating Your Own MAN Page: Version 1.0
    • Easy Internet Sharing: Version 1.1
    • Event Scheduling in GNU/Linux: Version 1.0
    • Securing the Home Linux System: Version 2.0
    • The Quick and Dirty Guide to Slackware Packages: Version 1.0
    • Vi Crash Course: Version 1.0

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    Vi Crash Course: Version 1.0

    hehe nething that mentions vi must be at least 10 gig hehe i hate that evil program lol pico all the way

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    Good post..

    Might I add for all linux apps / distros u can ever need: www.linux.org

    VI rules...
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