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    Angry WTF???

    WTF??? Why is everyone suddenly flaming me here, now? I didn't copy/paste this! I found it out on my own, because my password was changed back after I messed with my start-up settings... It is useful in the sense that you don't have to change your desktop back, mess with your icons to get them looking right again! There are probably several ways to get this done, but this is the way that I discovered on my own!

    BTW: I'm not mad at s0nIc, ac1dsp3ctrum, Dome, or at |337... blackmask is just supplying info based on what others were saying... I won't assign negative points to the others though... I'll let them voice their opinions freely, but I've noticed that somebody here hates/dislikes me, or at least (so far) two of my posts... I wish people would sign their names for all of their point things, and PM when they're pissed... That way I'd at least know who it is..., and what to do to make them happier...


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    WTF have I done now???

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    lets be very clear here....win9x password "protection" is not protection...period... all it does is log you on to your desktop settings...anyone can hit the esc button at the login dialog and have complete access to your files.

    also, as has been said, deleting the pwl files makes the old passwords go away...then you just log on with your old user name and a new pwd....so you could do that...or someone else could ...but the point really is this...win9x/me have no built in security features for locally logged on users

    you can prevent a casual attacker from obtain access to your files over a network, by disabling file sharing and if you must share files, you can enable passwords in the SHARE properties setting ...however, this is poor at best...and it's all or nothing....there's no granularity...
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