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Thread: Math trick

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    Lightbulb Math trick

    Hey men, look at this trick. It's avery simple trick.
    First, choose a number...(you chose)
    Now do the following :
    a=the number you chose
    1 a X 2=b
    b=what you found from the 1
    2 b + 2=c
    c=what you found from the 2
    3 c / 2=d
    d=what you found from the 3
    4 d - a= ?

    Think it about a while and in 10 minutes i'll say the the mysterious number. Please don't say the numbers.Please.

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    Because i'm get bored with this and after deep concetration i found that the mysterious number ( ? ) is the number 1. Am i right, if yes please give me good(green) antipoints.

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    Nice little trick but why would you create the sebastos12 account (again), post the problem, answer it with your other account then ask for greenies by answering your own question. If you are that desparate for greenies try posting some meaningful material. We all know who you used to be here, you've made that known several times. So can you explain why you did this?

    Nice try, but it won't fly here...
    - Maverick

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    Ummmm and unless you have failed to notice the sebastos12 account is only grey so (and correct me if am wrong) but that means it can't ive out greenies !?

    I also remember a post by you in either site suggestions or oops a bug - titled something like 3 accounts for JP which I'm assuming has since been deleted as I can't find it - in which you complained that the sebastos12 account had been deleted......

    [sarcasm]but of course sebastos12 and Gbin@ryR ain't the same person[/sarcasm]


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    I guess everyone is going to jump on the I_am_a_cracker boat now

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