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    Question *Comet Cursor* a privacy threat ??

    i have comet cursor installed on my system. i wanted to know if it serves as a threat ot is it some kind of trojan that will record my activity on internet and send the info to the mothership?

    if it is how can i uninstall it _properly_?

    thank you for your time and replies.

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    It's spware....download AdAware that will fix it

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    definitly spyware, after you use adaware disable install on demand so it dosn't put itself back in.
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    It´s spyware and yes ADadware wil remove it, but some programs like say KAzaa wil refuse to work after the spy ware has beeen removed. I removed tons of spyware from the (l)users at my work and after that Kazaa had to be reinstalled.

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