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Thread: Email Tracking Software to Help Identify the True Source of Emails

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    Email Tracking Software to Help Identify the True Source of Emails

    Press Release Contacts: Julie Lancaster
    Visualware Inc.
    Leslie Katz
    Shoor & Company

    Visualware Introduces Email Tracking Software to Help Identify the True Source of Emails

    eMailTrackerProTM Analyzes Email Headers, Identifies Sender's Geographical Region

    TURLOCK, CALIF -- MARCH 4, 2002 -- Visualware Inc. today announced the release of eMailTrackerPro, software designed to assist in detecting the true origin of emails, helping users in the identification and reporting of spammers and verification of the email source for security purposes.

    eMailTrackerPro analyzes email header information to provide the IP address of the machine that sent the email, along with other clues to its origin, such as the machine name, time zone and geographical region. Many spammers employ the technique of "misdirection" to disguise their identities and locations. eMailTrackerPro helps uncover misdirection to expose the true origin of the email.

    "As the use of email continues to grow exponentially, tools to help users validate the email source have become essential," said Julian Palmer, Visualware's chief marketing officer. "eMailTrackerPro provides a quick and easy-to-use means to help identify the real sender."

    A plug-in for Microsoft Outlook adds a button to the Outlook toolbar for one-click email tracking. For other email programs, header information may be easily pasted into eMailTrackerPro for quick analysis. A built-in location database tracks emails to a country or region of the world and shows the location on a global map. eMailTrackerPro also provides hyperlink integration with VisualRoute, Visualware's popular graphical traceroute product, to provide more detailed geographic traces and further pinpoint the source of the email.

    Pricing for eMailTrackerPro starts at $29.95. Free 15-day trial versions of the product may be downloaded from www.visualware.com.

    About Visualware Inc.

    Visualware Inc. is a leading company in the Internet Security and Performance Management markets. For Internet performance purposes, Visualware provides products that can quickly locate application or infrastructure delivery problems so they can be fixed immediately, eliminating downtime and unacceptable service delivery rates. In the Internet security arena, Visualware develops tools that help identify and track unwanted visitors to a system, including those that come through publicly accessible entry points, and helps determine the identity of visitors through a unique geographical location capability. Visualware's software products aid organizations in providing fast and responsive Web sites for their customers, in obtaining customer location information for marketing and verification purposes, identifying hackers attempting to breach the security of their networks, and protecting against credit card fraud. For more information, visit www.visualware.com.
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    sounds like a cool product, for some people....

    But my question is, is it really accurate...

    I can read the headers myself, and figure out where the mail came from.

    If this tool could accurately do it for 30 or 40 messages at a time, thats one thing, but,

    if it can only do a few at a time or one at a time... why should I move use this tools, instead of keeping myself on my toes looking at the headers myself...

    Good post, thanks for the link.....


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    I've been tracking it down by looking at the headers myself... I'm not getting anywhere because there is only one IP, and it is down whenever I check it... The spam I'm talking about is the college degree thing... Always a different IP, and the server is never up...

    Anyways, it sounds like a bit of effort was put into it. It may not work to track down all spam, but looks like it could be used to validate the e-mails that you do want... Great post...


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    I don't know anyone post this but VisualRoute offer a free trace utilies in Java.

    I'll also show you a world map from everywhere your trace go! Pretty cool!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    that thing isnt to acurate i mean i live in australia and the trace didnt even come to the australian continet just stayed in the us? just thought id tell u

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    RiOtEr - I think that's because it did the search from a server in the US (if you're replying to SDK's post)... At the top right corner of the page, it shows the name of the server you are tracing from... There is a link that lets you select a server closer to you above the part where you put in the IP...

    Nice link... I finally found a PC that sent me spam (online), and at least I know where it's coming from...


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    NeoTrace Pro

    Could be useful. As an aside if you would like to trace people without the use of an applet i.e. without having to use this then you may want to take a look at NeoTrace.



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