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We must first understand what is attacking us before we can defend against it.

I agree there, thats a must.

Honestly, who cares if the guy wants to crack a PWL file. That means he is running Windows 98 or 95. He could just hit Escape to bypass the screen.

That still does not make it right to let us teach someone how to crack something. What is security all about? Protection. And if we teach a person that we are pretty sure will use the info we give to cause harm, then we are at fault.

Give me Negative Antipoints if you must, but this is JP's site, not yours. You have no partnership with him.

I don't think negative antipoints should be given for speaking one's veiws, and I will not be giving you any negative AP's.

Please get off your high horse, pull the stick from your ass and walk like the rest of us do.

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