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Thread: Need Help With Pwl File

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    errrmm what if the person askin the question or who started this thread just wants to see if it works and he'll only use his own pwl file.. like i did.. i cracked my own pwl file, juz for the sake of learning and to make sure if it really works coz i know what the passwords are and if it doesnt show me the right one then it doesnt really work...

    would that be considered a bad thing?

    I would argue that this is not a bad thing at all mate. Like a rich man stealing from his own wallet, nothing is stopping him from doing so - no laws, no morals, no religion... I've done it to myself tons of times...crack my own password, infect myself with a backdoor, install keyloggers and send them to my own email address...

    ...All to test and figure out basically what the hell was going on. Tweaking my computer everywhich way, and literally to hell and back. Now obviously I would try late at night to pick up little AOL'ers or MSN'ers in chats and see if it would work on their did.

    Luckly, I didn't end up sticking with downloading programs and relying solely on other people's work, but went into programming (mainly because those other damned programmers would be to slow ), which I do now quite frequently - but not for malacious things. Right now my life is focued on actually attaining one, programming small phonebooks, and little tidbits every now-and-then.

    But I'm [probably] one of the lucky ones, ...You never know with today's folks, with the online "hacker" (scriptidiot) community rising all over the place, who know's what'll happen to this new generation of elite warriors. Hopefully defacment of other clan's webpages will be only a megar attempt at gaining knowledge of how websites function and work and the weakness of CGI... but hey, some kids like that stuff... don't ask me.

    Though I've been there, done that (was in some "3l1t3 h4x0r cl4n that defaced other's webpages), I tend to shun myself from all that now, webpage defacement is an art, not a competition ... but I don't agree with it at all in the first place. A simple email to the webmaster will do...let some steam off you know. Especially if they have no clue to what the hell their posting, and just being the biggest lamer they can's quite challanging... yet extremely fun - I swear it'll be an Olympic sport one day...
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    This is a post to my previous post.

    Rogue I did misunderstand you to a degree. I still think the code library etc is a valuable resource to security professional. I don't agree with helping hackers, but in some cases I have learned this the best way to learn security. I extend the olive branch to you, so that we may one day control ALL of AO in harmony.
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    Accepted. I just want to say. . . I didnt mean that I wanted the archive removed. . . there is a lot of great info & programs in there. . . . I use some of them. :::shrugs:::
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