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Thread: What do you believe?

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    What do you believe?

    I saw a thread asking about people's jobs the other day, and it seemed to get a pretty good response. But I'm curious about the spiritual makeup here at Antionline. What do you believe? Are you a Christian, Hindu, Jew, New Age, atheist, don't care, etc.? I'll start off. I am a Christian and a United Methodist. But what do you believe?
    For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
    (Romans 6:23, WEB)

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    Nothing, its easier.

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    I am not religious. This does not preclude a belief in God, I just don't susbscribe to anyone's ideas. I respect others choices as well, and do not force my belief (or lack of it ) on anyone. So , yeah I believe in God, but stay as far as I can from religion.

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    I do not preclude to religeon or rather "organized" religeon. I believe in God and all that it entwines. We all believe a little differently in the practice of our worship. So I believe in live and let live as a state of being. I respect all beliefs and practices. As long as it does'nt become militant. In basic terms. I won't hold one's beliefs against them as long as they don't hold mine against me. As well, don't try to force it down my throat. I can agree to disagree, but an arguement is mute.

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    Cool hmmm

    I'm Muslim........

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    I'm gonna have to echo gold eagle and Apocalypse on this one. Organized religion hasn't gotten us any closer to God if you ask me.
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
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    Well, preacherman, I am going to have to go with you on this one, as I am also Christian, and United Methodist as well!
    As for the seemingly general feeling of ill will towards organized religion, I have to say that you can only go with the pack for so long. You have to find a denomination, AND a particular church that satifies your needs. Just because I am Methodist does not mean that I am happy with any Methodist church that I walk into. The church I belong to is like an extended family. But then it is a very very small church, and it suits me...To each his own.
    It makes me sad to hear people immediately reject God and all organized religion simply because they have had a bad experience with one church, or even worse, have heard bad things, and haven't even experienced it for themselves. It can bring a sense of happiness and fulfillment to your life, regardless of how happy or unhappy your life is otherwise. It can be a constant, in an everchanging world.
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    Post Ouroboros

    I have studied many, have found 'truth' with many, and have rejected many (often co-dependantly)...
    In practice, I don't claim anything in particular, in arguements, I observe, with objectivity in mind...
    There is much to be learned in this life by just looking around you and seeing how people, including yourself, act, think, and respond...sadly enough, most of us (including myself) are machined by our perspective and the content of our experiences...
    That is a fragile glass... Do i presume that anyone is wrong in their beliefs? Certainly not. Do i presume that i am right in mine? Never.
    Live to realize...suspicion and arrogance is the bane of all faith...if you have faith in something, so be it...if you have nothing to wonder about, you are already dead...
    Even if your faith is only hope, live in it...you are better off than some...

    Personally, my life is my hope, my faith...i strive to live up to my own expectations, and those of my children...after that, it's irrelevant...
    There is a power in all of us, that we have been instructed/educated/sermoned to ignore...the power of OUR minds in particular...neither you nor I serve any 'greater good'...that prospect lives in us, not anything or anyone else...preachers, soothsayers, books, buildings...all irrelevant...

    Take your life 'as is' and drive it onward to the next generation...and hope that you have some 'truth' or 'knowledge' to instill the generations to come...nevermind what others tell you to think...

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

    -Occam's Razor

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    i believe in God and most of the bible (although some is miswriteen or mistranslated). but i do not suscribe to organized religion.
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    well "preacherman481" ...I am protestant and hmm well u know ...i actually dont belive in this thing called religion....i mean look around the world man .......people fight in the name of religion ....i hate to say it ....its bullshit man !!!!!! Hmm .......i belive in GOD ...but not in the way u say it....i mean following one religion ...i belive in the force or the energy or the love ....etc as GOD ........i know it seems stupid to u ....but what the heck man ....i dont care about anyone ....everyone has their freedom of beliefs and i dont like imposing my ideas on other ....I am least bothered about what u are and what u do .........leave like a human man ....thats the religion i believe in ........i do agree with "gold eagle"...like his ideas .......

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