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    slashdot says :

    just found this article on Slashdot...thought everyone might like to read :


    Posted by timothy on Monday March 04, @11:36PM
    from the when-does-the-tribulation-start dept.
    Sinistar2k writes: "Showing remarkable restraint and an unwillingness to shout 'Give it up for me!', Steve Ballmer comes across as a poor, beat down soul in the video deposition (Windows Media or RealPlayer required) released today by US District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly. Also available are text depositions of Ballmer and Allchin." gouldtj adds: "Here is a timeline on the Microsoft trial. It is pretty complete, and it goes back to 1990. It is nice to see all of this in one place, I'd almost forgotten about the old stuff. It just reminds you how long this stuff can take." Finally, ackthpt writes: "The nine non-settling states have modified their requirements, rather than Microsoft having to sell various versions of Windows, they would have Microsoft Windows sold as a modular platform, where the user could opt for different vendors software for different uses. Just days ago the nine settling states were rattled by Microsoft's end-around, challenging state attorneys' general participation in anti-trust procedings." And if your own computing (or career) depends on a Microsoft operating system, Roblimo suggests that you stop using it, because Steve Ballmer says Microsoft may take it away.


    check out the article at Slashdot...it has links in the text explaining more

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    The Register also has their take on Steve Ballmer's testimony ...

    Ballmer weeps for Windows - video clip

    At the bottom, you will find links to the video and another video with bits that M$ isn't interested in publishing:

    The bits M$ doesn't want seen by Joe Public



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