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Thread: increase available memory

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    increase available memory

    this is hardly much of a tutorial, but more of a quicky way to increase your available memory in windows.
    as most of you may know, windows hogs memory when an app opens and doesn't really free it up when the app is closed. yeah, there are programs like freemempro..etc.. but in reality you don't need them. For folks with lot's of memory, this isn't needed much but could help if you are like me and have 10-20 things runnning at the same time .

    open notepad (or other editor) and put in the following line :

    FreeMem = Space(32000000)

    then save it as a .vbs file .. (like "free32meg.vbs") to your desktop or app launcher.
    of course you could make one's for other memory sizes too.

    to watch the effects, bring up system monitor and choose freemem.. then play with opening apps and dblclicking on the file. it takes a little longer for it to do it's work with increased memory size entered inside the setting.. but within 2-3 seconds you'll have more memory..
    (if only i could use this for my brain)
    hope this helps...

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    exellent . I will have to try this
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    thax but does it realy work?
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    It doesn't seem to work on my XP box....

    It just slows it down a lot....

    that could also be the swap -> mem -> swap action, slowing the whole OS down...
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    Originally posted here by the_JinX
    It doesn't seem to work on my XP box....

    It just slows it down a lot....

    At first look it looks like its working on my XP box... Only when I'm trying to free a larger block of memory it slows down for a while but in other way it looks like its working to me

    Thanx sumdumguy

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