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Thread: Default partition scheme

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    Default partition scheme

    Is there a recommended partition scheme in terms of percent for a standard linux installation and a linux firewall?

    Right now I have about 200 megs on /var, 100 on /usr and 1,7 gig on /.


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    Well...don't forget about Swap!!

    Actually I like to create a single large partition for /, and then a smaller (or maybe larger one depending on the function) for /var.

    In freebsd...I typically do something like this:

    Swap = 2x physical mem
    / = 256M
    /tmp = 256M
    /usr = 2G
    /var = 1G

    It really depends on what you are trying to do

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    It really depends... if you are going to be keeping alot of logs then you want to beef up /var.
    Swap 2X physical mem is a great rule... i also like to spread it across multiple disks if I can.
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