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Thread: A small suggestion

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    A small suggestion

    A small suggestion:

    - In the subscribed threads screen, would it be possible to add checkboxes (similar to the ones in the private message area inbox) to be able to select a number of subscribed threads to unsubscribe at once? I was cleaning up my subscriptions recently and the only way to do it now is one thread at a time (or am I missing something?).

    (I know, I can just wait for them to expire .... but I like to be organized )


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    You can of course unsubscribe from all threads, there is a link for this at the top right of the 'Site Subscriptions' page if you want to do that.
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    Another suggestion in relation to unsubscribing from threads, is to take the Unsubscribe from all threads out of the email notification...
    for some reason, on Outlook, when I clicked below the link (was just trying to get Outlook to be the active app again) it executed the link and unsubscribed me from all threads...

    which was kinda annoying....
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    Greetings All:

    BrainStop, as pwaring pointed out, this feature already exists.

    Matty_Cross, if you're using Outlook, mass unsubscriptions are the least of your worries.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Thread closed.

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