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    I know this may be old but it's important so I'm posting it. If any of you run 802.11 keep this article in mind

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    I definitely like the part which says:

    Stretch pants are a good thing, but some people should not be allowed to wear them. Wireless configurations are no different; some people just have no business being responsible for the deployment of a wireless network
    Good one!


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    Yeah if your aren't going to use a VPN don't deploy wireless.

    On my drive in yesterday I set up my laptop with a wireless NIC just to see if anyone was using wireless near the freeway. What I found horrified me. I could connect to about 200 wireless access points. I could use about 3/4 of them to browse the web with NO authentication. None.

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    Sounds like fun... I gotta get me a laptop! I guess you could call that a "wireless beige box".
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