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    Al Qaeda using Internet to Reqroup

    I'm not sure if anyone has posted any information on this yet, so if not, check this link out:


    I found this article interesting. It seems that with all the good uses of the Internet, there are still some bad uses for it. There is evidence that has surfaced stating that Al Qaeda is using the Internet to try and regroup their organization via email and certain web sites. This may be information that you guys already knew about so if I'm too late I apologize.
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    i guess my question would be...why is this news...of course they're using the net...and cell phones...and the post office...and couriers...and horses ...and...and..

    why does the media and gov'ts always single out "the internet"...sure it potentially makes these happen faster...but i can fedex you plans for something pretty much overnite anywhere in the world...

    it's just another tool...to be used and abused...time to quit blaming the troubles of the world on technology...if the net vanished tomorrow...al qaeda would still be pissed off...and find other ways...it's what they do...
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    if they did use emails and websites to come together they would be found by now and probably executed by the so called FBI. i mean if the fbi or some other secret service can get the location of a script kiddie that is port scanning on some isp, wouldnt they be able to use their vast servailence technology and other $hit to catch the so called "terrorists".

    thats all

    PS: check out my location.(not intended to offend anybody) \/ peace.

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    These guys are not very tech oriented.
    They go in a phone booth and make
    a phone call.
    They go in an internet cafe and post an e-mail
    Al Quaida didn't invent the internet. Like other users,
    they use e-mail, but I guess, in the eyes of
    clueless gov't folks, that's "hacking"
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    I would render a guess that it is all media hype.
    the media knows what peole wanna see, find a story and blow it out of proportion. So what if they are emailing each other. Good luck if they are. I can almost guarantee most if not all of thier plans are being sent behind the scenes. The emailing and websites are probably just a cover for what is really happening somewhere else.....................that is.............if there is anything happening at all. maybe the media attention is all they are looking for. In which case they are laughing at us by now.
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    I was just commenting on this to someone earlier today... In the NY Times, there was something about how the government is afraid Al-queda will use their "sophisticated internet resources" in order to launch cyber-attacks...

    "Let's just go to Kabul! They have several T3 lines there!"

    I mean, really, a cybercafe is more like it. Toting Kalishnikovs, yes, toting laptops? Come ON! No offense to Afghans, but to the best of my knowledge Afghanistan is pretty third-world. I agree with most of you guys in that it's like saying:

    "US Authorities are worried that the bank robbers will use their sophisticated 'walking' network in order to reach, rob, and escape other banking establishments on wall street."
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    hmm i can see it now.. they meet up in IRC..
    Server: Efnet or DALnet
    channel: #Al_Qaeda
    topic: We love you Osama Bin Laden

    hahaha.. man... dis is a crack up..

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    It's unbelievable how governments and the media focus on the use of the Internet ...

    It is well known that, for a lot of planning, Al Qaeda was using messengers to send information around the world.

    I can't believe the whole hype about "cyber-terrorism" after Sept 11. There's no way I would call sending an email cyber-anything ... it's just another way of communicating.

    Or did they also mention: fax-terrorism, cellphone-terrorism, ...?

    Yes, cyber-crime is an issue, but not in relation to the events of Sept 11.

    We can listen to every phonecall in the world, read every email, copy every fax, and still terrorists will communicate secretly. Taking a plane in this world is easy enough.


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    And Cuba too!

    The US is going to review Cuba's capability to harm US interests through the Internet:


    The Bush administration has begun a review of Cuba policy that will include an assessment of whether Cuba can disrupt U.S. military communications through the Internet, a senior official says.
    Why do government officials target developing countries for high tech attacks? Such short-sightedness.


    PS = Apologies to smirc. I hadn't seen your thread on this.
    "To estimate the time it takes to do a task, estimate the time you think it should take, multiply by two, and change the unit of measure to the next highest unit. Thus we allocate two days for a one-hour task." -- Westheimer's Rule

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