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    Article: For those who think switched Ethernet environments are sniff-proof.

    I found this article good and easy to read, it explains the basic in networking and methods to sniff on a Switch. IMHO this article aims to everyone and is maybe not a must to read but its a interesting topic and well worth checking out.

    The author's often surprised by how often he encounters network administrators who think their networks are safe simply because the machines are connected to switches. In this article, he explains why that's just not true. The full article can be read here.

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    Good reasons to take the extra time to properly configure your switches.
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    i have proven to many people first hand how unsecure their switch is. every time, i get the same reaction. a dropped jaw and a "how the hell did you do that?" just goes to show the power of a *nix box. one of the most popular tools for this is ettercap. i believe a new version was just released too. works very well for arp poisoning and as a packetsniffer.

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    Check out dsniff - it works VERY well for this type of situation. I couldn't believe it when I saw it happen myself. Now... has anyone attempted to use a tool like this on a Cable Modem or DSL network?

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