Okay, so technically I'm not new, just new to these boards.

A little about myself... Officially, I work in the capacity of "Technical/User Support", you know, the guy users call and yell at when they don't know what they're doing? I'm that guy, the guy who gets yelled at for user error. At least that's my official job.

Unofficially, in addition to the "User Support" gig, I'm filling in as Network Admin, since a change of personel created a vacancy. And in our IS dept, that means I get to troubleshoot, diagnose, and maintain an archaic network, web server, mail server, and about 1800 nodes on a wide area network, as well as answering the phone and doing hardware replacement, software patches/upgrades, and general miracles in the eyes of the users. Right about now I'm looking into a network-wide upgrade, to join the modern era. (Rewiring locations all the way up to upgrading OC-3's & OC-12's) (I knew that Fiber provisioning class would come in handy!!!)

Currently I'm a student majoring in Network Communications, with experience in Open VMS, Sun Solaris, Redhat 6.0 - 7.2, and multiple flavors of Windows.(95,95,ME,NT Workstation and Server,XP) Also I've had extensive hands on with Netscape Suitespot, Apache, and other apps too numerous to mention.

Programming wise, I'm currently learning Visual Basic, and C++, with experience in a few older languages that I doubt are used much nowadays. (Pascal anyone?) I've also done web page developement, and dabbled in perl.

I'm definately interested in security, in pretty much all aspects, from hardening servers, all the way down to the desktop.

Well, that's enough babbling, I tend to lurk alot, but I'll post if and when I have a question or something relevant to say.