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    Norton install issue

    Hi Everybody,

    I recently decided that I needed to rebuild my w2k box. The install wiped the windows files but not data files (surprised me I had prepared for a HD format). I needed to reinstall Norton Antivirus (purchased via download 12/01). I contact Norton digtial subscriber service and got the download again. Part of the process involved getting the demo for installation and then a live update should verify my license. Live update refuses to install -past demo period. I have been directed to contact Norton tech support. Which I will do but, I have sometime while I'm in the office and thought I'd check with the experts. Does anyone have a workaround for this?


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    Hey, no real help here...just thought I'd let you know I rebuilt my Win 2K box this weekend. Guess what?! Now my dang Norton Systemworks won't install....hmmmm.
    Says it's a defective cd (sort of paraphrased) but it (Norton) will work in other computers, and in the Win 2K box, all other cd's work fine. It's a little strange....
    Sorry I can't help you though.
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    i think this is what i had to do with NAV 2001...but it's been a while...

    click on liveupdate in NAV control panel
    you will get a subscription expired message
    you should be given 2 options...contact symantec...or check for free program updates.
    select contact symantec...
    then you should be given a choice of entering your subscription number and something else
    enter your number
    click next...and LU should run..?
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    Hey dspeidel,
    If zigar's advice doesn't work, you might want to do this. Uninstall your Norton stuff. Then do a search and make sure you find all the Norton files still on your computer. Search for anything with the words "Symantec" in it. Delete all of it. What can happen is that when you uninstall, not all of the old files are removed. For some reason a new installation won't work properly if you don't get rid of the old ones. You may not be able to delete it all, but delete everything you can. After you manually get rid of all the old files, then try reinstallation.
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    Thank you all -I will try Zigar's followed by preacherman481
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