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Thread: How Will History View Richard Stallman?

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    How Will History View Richard Stallman?

    I have had these thoughts before. On what people in the future would think about today's leaders in the Computing Industry. Namely Bill Gates, RMS, Linus, Alan Cox. So when I came upon an article that covered that very topic, I was intrigued. Perhaps you will be also. The following website, does an interview with the Author of the book Free as in Freedom

    How Will History View Richard Stallman?
    An interview with Sam Williams, author of Free as in Freedom

    by Bruce Stewart
    Free as in Freedom traces Richard Stallman's evolution from gifted, solitary child to teen outcast to revered and reviled crusader. As the leader of the free software movement, Stallman is one of the most influential and controversial personalities in hacker culture today. Through extensive interviews with Stallman, his family, and fellow hackers, author Sam Williams has created an intimate portrait of this freedom fighter.

    Read more here
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    Richard Stallman is a very interesting person, I had the pleasure of meeting him in Belgium during Fosdem. The open source scene will remember him as one of their best fighters.
    But itīs not only Stallman, look at Miguel de Icaza who works at Gnome. Also a very interesting person you could end up talking for days with these ppl. I whas talking with Miguel and Richard for hours until the Fosdem crew asked them to continue outside because university security wanted to close up the buildings. Itīs amazing that these people work so hard for so little pay. With their expereience they could easily work for any major IT company but they had a choice, open source.

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