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    Cool wants some help....

    i would like to install WIN 98 & Linux on my hard disk .. i have installed WIN 98 & installed linux on my pc.. but in linux my video card is not supporting .. i am using SIS 6215 of 1 MB . i would like to know how to installed this card in pc .. as i didn't get linux driver for this card..

    i am using P1 , 4o GB HDD. with 80 MB ram ..

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    You might wanna be a little more specific, like what distro yo installed/about your video card.

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    1- what's ur linux kernel version.
    2- get the kernel driver from sis web site or search on google .

    or try to update ur linux version ....
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    why do people post and then when we try and help just never return?? do they think all computer problems are easy to solve?? or it that they try and look 1337 by saying linux when they ask questions about what version of linux they dont know and leave?? ohh well

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