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    Lightbulb Test Your Knowledge

    This a site where you can test your knowledge of networking and programming by getting sample tests and questions sent to you via email. My friend used this to help him prepare for his CCNA exam and said it was pretty good. Check it out!
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    Ok.../me checks it out
    I'll keep you informed with the results..

    UPDATE: Nope, I don'T wanna register on yet another site...my email address has become way too popular and I'm too lazy to create another one

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    Thanks im taking my CCNA exam in a couple of weeks, this helps a whole lot to prepare... the passing score is sooo high.....

    I found this "little" breakdown of basic CCNA to help better understand some things!

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    Not bad kurupt007
    It gives your a BASIC understanding of terms
    and general understanding of how things work

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