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    actually some more about that ap stuff:

    they kindof forgot about security when they made the standart so they patchet it with wep so the client authenticate himself (with a 40 bit key and the same initialisation vector... doesn't resists 15 mins ) but what prevent you from taking over the whole ap ? i mean what if you show up out there with you own ap with a 50 dbi (illegall by the way in most countries) and start advertising your services ...true they'll loose network connectivity but you'll gain access ...
    fun isn't it ...

    btw that won't last
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    Like most people have said here, old technology can still apply to new platforms. Telnet is used quit a bit still and even though people are migrating to alternitive systems like SSH, it is still very usefull. You might want to try to apply the concepts from the old school computer junkies to the new age technology. Example, virii have been around for over 20 years now, but Sys admins still take them as a threat when they distrupt even a little network connectivity. I am suprised though to hear you talking about phreaking. I see no ethical means of using information about that topic. I know that it is interesting to lean how to beat the system, but that will only end you up in jail. Take my advise, learn all you can about anything involving technology, but be carfull. Not only are people growning smarter, but so are the company's and goverment agancys that monitor them.

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    Hey, Thanx for the feedback guys. Yes, I realize phreaking doesnt really have a connection with security, but I didn't feel like posting two threads (I'm a lazy, lazy man Anyways, thanx for welcoming me to the more "underground" side of the net, and I'm glad so many people in this field are friendly, except for the one $#@$%%^ last night, who, right after I posted this thread, began scanning my ports (yeah, I picked you up!!) and left a .js virus on my computer, luckily I was able to go in through dos and delete the file (Norton didn't know what to do with it) I guess the one thing I'll never understand about this field, is why there are people willing to try and screw over others for the fun of it


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