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    Website security whitepaper

    Well, with the whole jared_c thing today, I thought this would be fitting. Especially since I got the message today. This is from the Network Computing and SANS Institute weekly newsletter:

    ALERT! Web applications are the new area of attack for hackers! By
    taking advantage of your Web site and using it to exploit your
    applications, a hacker can gain access to your backend data. All
    undetectable by today's methods of Internet security! Download this
    *FREE* white paper from SPI Dynamics that provides a complete guide of
    vulnerabilities and steps for protection!

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    Interesting article. The only thing that bothered me about it was that they didn't specify "malicious hacker", only "hacker". Also seems like they tried to work everything up a little bit so you'll go buy there products/services. Definitely a good read though. Thanks for the post.
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    Thanks, a nice little document. Even if I am allergic to PDF's .
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