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Thread: KapperDog says, Hello

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    KapperDog says, Hello

    Hey folks. How's life? Long time.

    The forums latest rev looks great. The best yet.

    I see JP finally gave in and allowed Mods. LOL

    I only took a quick look but, it appears he made some great choices. I didn't see MsMittens as Mod??? I must have missed it.

    Negative, you keeping everyone in line?

    Thank God for Negative and those like him for without, there would be no diction. (was that right. LOL)

    I'm sorry that I have not had time to be here more. I truely felt that this forum reflected my true feelings about security. More so than any other.

    I've been busy preparing my business for sale (620 days) and getting myself back in shape. Studying as much as I can and moderating at a couple private security forums. I was just asked to mod a (if you can believe this) religion forum.

    Talk about a heated forum, LOL. It's actually been fun. There's a lot to learn about the science and history of religion. Pretty different than programing. Lotta grey area. LOL

    Anyway, it's past 2 AM and I was cleaning up old bookmarks (no offense LOL) and wanted to stop and say hello.

    I see you are still sporting my "Newbies, please read this first" post. Looks like an AO record for number of views. LOL I'm flattered. I also noticed most of the links in my post were dead. LOL. I'll try to fix that.

    Well, I came here to say it, so....Hello.

    Best to all of you. It's refreshing to see you all.

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    KapperDog, Im not sure if you remember me since I was just beginning to post when you stopped posting, but I do remember you. You made numerous good posts and you have been missed. Its nice to see that you are still lurking around the internet somewhere.
    Wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.
    --Ecclesiastes 10:19

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    Good to have you back, Kapperdog

    Posted 09-20-2001. There it is again... the most-linked-to post ever

    Can you link me to that religion-forum?

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    Welcome back.

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    Hey Kapperdog, what a damn thread, Newbies read this first.

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    wb kapper dog
    theirs been a long string of old people returning limps back in the irc channel now if we could only get him to post again....

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