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Thread: Which Windows Firewall Do You Use?

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    Oct 2001

    Question Which Windows Firewall Do You Use?

    Which windows firewall do you use and why?
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    I don't use any anymore, but Zone Alarm seemed quite good (and free) to me, although if you really want something secure I'd suggest a linux box or another kind of hardware firewall between the windows machine and the network... But zonealarm should suffice!

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    Dec 2001
    I use to use ZoneAlarm, but I felt as though it wasn't very customizable. I tried out Sygate Personal Firewall and have so far stuck with it - I would recommend trying it if you don't already have it.

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    I had to say other. I go hardware. Not to say software firewalls are bad. Because hardware firewalls are just software in a smaller boxed machine so to speak. I use a router with NAT addressing. I run a dual boot Linux/XP Pro machine. So I'm currently building another Tux box out of an old K6-2 350 box. It will be my firewall when I finnish it. I'm getting to many boxes on my network so I need to lock em' down. When I had a seperate machine that was not running on my cable connection. I used Sygate on it. Although it was on my network. I had it setup to be my fax server for the entire LAN. When it did access the internet it did'nt through the network. It used the modem to dial up an alternate ISP.

    So Sygate would be my choice.
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    Oct 2001
    I was using Blackice Server for my 2000 box but after reading a few articles and then testing a few things on it, I changed my mind and decided to switch over to "Tiny"

    Tiny -- "i like because it lets you use Ip /port based rules and application-based and it is fairly easy to configure"

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    Nov 2001
    Currently Im using PGP Firewall 7.1.1 and Agnitum Outpost Firewall (test). I am not using any hardware or linux firewall/router since I want the above computers to be exposed the same way as less security minded people have their computers, its simple a test of the products .

    But I would recomend to use a linux/hardware firewall and private adresses internally (dhcp with short lease time). NAT and Proxy. And "personal firewalls" or packet filters on all of the internal computers, Im paranoid .

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    AO Soccer Mom debwalin's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    I use Zone Alarm, because it was a free download, and something one of my instructors suggested....and since I am currently suffering from newbienoia (you know, when you just find out all the naughty things people can do to your computer!) I came home and immediately downloaded it. It is a fairly quick download, and installation was fairly idiot proof (which was a big plus for me!!) I personally found it to be very option oriented...it asks you to say yes or no to EVERYTHING at first, and then if you choose for it to remember specific programs it won't ever ask you again. The constant popups about who's trying to access what on your computer gets old (I lasted about 1 day before I turned off the notify me every time switch) But I've also been told since I got here that it has holes in the program...But my question would be...doesn't everybody's? It seems like there are always opponents and proponents of every av software and firewall available.
    Well, that's my (very long) two cents worth!
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    im on dialup so its not really needed gota luv dynamic ips lol but i agree with {PP}Apocalypse hard ware is the only way to go get a freebsd box and ur set lol or a crunch box for those with more money lol im going to get flamed for that by korpdeath so to make him happy im sure sunscreen is good 2 hehe ohh well

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    Jan 2002
    I'll have to go with debwalin ... ZoneAlarm.

    I know it has some holes, but it does the basic job. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to spend on really securing my box ... I prefer making sure my virusscanner is up to date.

    That and turning off my link to the Internet when I'm not using it


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    RiOtEr> Gotta love dialup...Talk about the ultimate security. Thats what I use at home also. When I am running a firewall, I normally go with a dedicated linux/BSD box. I am going to have to set up a new one as it is. One of these days, I might get broadband again.....
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